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31. UK Gay Hotel and Travel Guide | UK Gay Friendly Hotels and Guesthouses | Gay Accommodation UK, Popular
The UK's leading directory of gay friendly / gay owned hotels and guesthouses plus fully searchable worldwide gay travel guide directory.

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32. UK Hotel Deals at LateRooms., Popular
Thinking of heading off to the seaside for the weekend or planning ahead for Gay Pride in London, Manchester or Brighton?

Check out the UK Hotel Deals at LateRooms, the Discount Hotel Deals Specialist. Book online today. The site has up to date hotel / guesthouse rooms availability and offers instant booking confirmation. Get some brilliant last minutes deal and save pounds.

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33. Compare Hotels - Best Hotel Deals Guaranteed | HotelsCombined, Popular
Compare 100s of sites in just one search to find the best hotel deals at - awarded world’s best hotel price comparison site.

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34. Man at Bath [DVD], Popular
Notorious gay porn star Francois Sagat stars as Emmanuel, one half of a cute gay couple who between the suburbs of Paris and the skyscrapers of New York, go to extraordinary lengths to prove that they're not in love with one another.

A striking meditation on the male form, appearing as much a celebration of porn actor François Sagat's sculpted body as it is a tense examination of love and desire, celebrated director Christophe Honoré (Love Songs, Dans Paris, Close to Leo) welcomes you to an exploration of desire and longing; a touching ode to bittersweet goodbyes.

Starring: Francois Sagat

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From: Gay Cinema/European Gay Cinema/French Gay Cinema

35. Greek Pete - A Year In The Life Of A Rent Boy [DVD], Popular
A moving, often graphic docu-drama, Greek Pete draws on the actual life experiences of its cast; men who work within and around the world of London-based gay escorts, or ‘rentboys’. A focal point emerges in charismatic Pete, an ambitious young man who wants to be known as the best in his chosen field - to the point of seeking a nomination in the 'World Escort Awards' in Los Angeles.

Pete arrives in London with the hope of increasing his business as an escort, always up for it and always horny, a fantasy for those willing to pay. Not only is the money better in the big city, there are more opportunities to be had and Pete has goals and ambitions. He wants a flat in central London, a decent laptop and some good promotional photos to help with trade.

If he works hard and becomes the best escort that he can be, perhaps a nomination at the ‘World Escort Awards’ in Los Angeles could be more than just a vague dream. His plans get complicated when he meets London boy Kai, a fellow escort on the scene, and starts a relationship. While Pete can easily separate his job from his love life, Kai has a harder time sharing his boyfriend with clients. Both are searching for very different things in life.

Starring:Peter Pittaros, Lewis Wallis, Tristan Field, Liam Thompson, Barry Robinson

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From: Gay Cinema/British Gay Cinema

36. Antarctica [DVD], Popular
If you didn't think Israeli cinema could get any more controversial than box-office hit The Bubble, then think again. Yair Hochner's Antarctica leaves no taboo unturned in this latest tale of twilight bed-hopping from Tel Aviv.

Good-looking librarian Omer is eternally searching for the perfect match, but keeps getting tangled up in a series of meaningless one-night stands. When fetching journalist Ronen enters the scene, matters are complicated further as the men become embroiled in innumerable bouts of passionate encounters behind each other's backs. Soon enough, they must face one another and make a decision: is true love worth looking for, or can you really live happily ever after?

“This new Israeli sex romp is a better advertisement for the country than a tourist bureau could provide” The Hollywood Reporter

Starring: Tomer Ilan, Rofer Regirer, Guy Zoartez, Rivka Neuman

Israeli with english subtitles

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From: Gay Cinema/World Gay Cinema/Israeli Gay Cinema

37. Cockles And Muscles [DVD], Popular
Marc takes his wife Béatrix and their two children to the seaside house of his youth, but before long the summer holiday begins to fall apart. Nineteen-year-old daughter Laura has a rendez-vous with her biker boyfriend and then heads off to Spain, while their son Charly, 17, is getting suspiciously intimate with another boy.

When Béatrix's lover Mathieu shows up, and Marc's old flame appears, complications ensue and the holiday descends into chaos. Acclaimed French actors Gilbert Melki and Jean-Marc Barr head up a cast of comic performers who bring a touch of quirkiness to this summery crowd-pleaser.

Starring: Gilbert Melki, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Jean-Marc Barr, Jacques Bonnaffe

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From: Gay Cinema/European Gay Cinema/French Gay Cinema

38. Margarita [DVD], Popular
To the outside, Gail and Ben have it all – two successful careers, a beautiful house, lots of vacations and an amazing nanny for their teenage daughter, Mali (FINN’S GIRL star, Maya Ritter). However behind the facade, bad investments have the family disconnected, resentful and just about broke.

At the centre of this drama is Mali’s young lesbian Mexican nanny, Margarita. Unknown to her employers Margarita has been working for the family illegally for the past six years but despite all this she is passionate, resourceful and devoted to them. She is the nanny, the housekeeper, the cook, the maid and even the repair woman. Margarita is well aware of their financial issues and has been stretching resources in creative ways.

But life is not all work for Margarita, the shy law student Jane is clearly in love with her but is hesitant to bring their relationship out from the closet.

When Gail and Ben decide that the best way for them to save money is by firing Margarita they set off a chain of events that lead to her deportation. Heart broken, Mali withdraws from her parents, forcing them to take an honest look at themselves.

The well-meaning couple, now desperate to keep Margarita in the country, come up with a scheme to keep her around. But on the eve of her departure, Jane arrives with one proposition that could change everything.

The closing film of the 2013 BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival and from the directors of FINN'S GIRL, comes this warm, funny and loving family drama, looking at issues around race, class and immigration.

Starring: Nicola Correia Damude, Patrick McKenna, Christine Horne

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From: Gay Cinema/Lesbian Cinema

39. Kuma (The Second Wife) [DVD], Popular
Ayse, a beautiful 19-year-old girl from the Turkish countryside, is chosen to be married to the Hasan, son of formidable and house proud mother Fatma, who resides in Vienna with her husband and children.

However, what soon becomes apparent is that Ayse is to be second wife to Fatma's husband. This tight-knit family go to great lengths to preserve traditional values, and although polygamy is illegal in Austria, Ayse is welcomed. Yet, her presence in a country whose language and culture is entirely foreign to her immediately marks her as an outsider.

As Western societal norms and Muslim religious beliefs draw closer together in an ever diversifying family unit, tensions arise, resulting in an explosive stroke of fate.

Umut Dag's mature feature debut is a rich tapestry of swirling emotions, suppressed desires, unspoken words and uncomfortable yet pressing social and political questions.

Starring:Nihal Koldas, Begum Akkaya, Vedat Erincin, Murathan Muslu, Alev Irmak

In German and Turkish with english subtitles.

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From: Gay Cinema/Lesbian Cinema

40. The Adored [DVD], Popular
Maia, a once successful model attempts to re-launch her career with a sensual photo shoot by celebrity photographer Francesca Allman, who for reasons unknown has isolated herself in a remote, mysterious old house.

During the photo shoot, Francesca rebuilds Maia’s confidence but is unable to keep control over her own obsessive, sexual desires and the shoot turns into a whirlwind of passion. But as their sexual relationship spirals out of control Maia begins to feel a strange presence in the house.

Starring: Laura Martin-Simpson, Ione Butler, Jake Maskall, Caroline Burns Cooke

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From: Gay Cinema/Lesbian Cinema

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