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1. Queer As Folk Series 1 (Double CD) Popular
Superb double CD featuring music from the groundbreaking gay drama about 3 gay guys living in Manchester.

CD1 Queer as Folk - the Songs. CD: Queer as Folk - in the Mix.

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2. Queer As Folk Volume 2 Popular
Hot on the heels of the highly profitable Queer As Folk comes Vol 2, another great collection of hi-NRG TV-tie-in floor fillers guaranteed to get you strutting your funky stuff. From the all-time classics like The Real Thing's "You To Me Are Everything" to more contemporary kitsch like the club mix of Shaft's "Mucho Mambo (Sway)" via the 1980s hell that was Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up", you can smell the sweaty sequins from the dramatic opening chords onwards. The pounding beats are relentless as disco stormer merges into club classic and onwards and upwards into the scary world of drag queen classics (Divine's "Walk Like A Man" anyone?). So get your stack heels on, don your feather boa, fix your hair and hit the floor - it's going to be a long night. - Helen Marquis

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