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1. House of Boys [DVD] Popular
It is 1984. Frank (Layke Anderson) is a determined teenager who runs away from high school to find an alternative lifestyle in Amsterdam. He finds a home and a job at the House of Boys, a bar-cum-brothel run by a strict Madame (Udo Kier) who has an eye for what his punters crave. Frank works his way up from barman to on-stage dancer and falls in love with some of his housemates. The first intimations of what is described as 'the gay cancer', casts a long shadow over Frank s tight-knit group of friends. Yet despite the troubles that cloud the hopes and dreams of young Frank, his perseverance, along with support from a willing doctor (Stephen Fry), will carry him through. House of Boys is a glamorous, colourful coming-of-age story that lifts the lid on an exciting world of sex and music, where deep passions suddenly turn into a struggle for courage.

Starring: Layke Anderson, Stephen Fry, Udo Kier, Steven Webb, Joanna Scanlan

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2. I'm So Excited! Popular
When it appears as though the end is in sight, the pilots, flight crew, and passengers of a plane heading to Mexico City look to forget the anguish of the moment and face the greatest danger, which we carry within ourselves. Directed by the internationally acclaimed Spanish film-maker Pedro Almodovar, with cameo appearances from Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas.

In spanish with english subtitles.

Starring: Javier Cámara, Lola Dueñas, Raúl Arévalo, Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz

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3. Loose Cannons [DVD] Popular
I Am Love meets Meet the Parents in this outrageous al dente family comedy from celebrated award-winning director Ferzan Özpetek. Tommaso is the youngest child in the large, eccentric Cantone family who own a pasta factory in Puglia. When the Cantones gather for a family dinner to both welcome Tommaso s return and to discuss the future of the family business, a secret is revealed that throws the whole family into turmoil, and the strong familial ties which bind them together are put to the test with explosive and hilarious results.

In italian with english subtitles

Starring: Riccardo Scamarcio, Nicole Grimaudo, Alessandro Preziosi

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4. Patrik, Age 1.5 [DVD] Popular
Patrick 1,5 is a funny, affectionate and unpredictable gay family comedy. After a seemingly endless wait, long-term gay couple Goran and Sven have had their adoption papers approved - and infant Patrick, age 1.5 is on his way! Everything would have been perfect too, had it not been for just a little error at the adoption agency. It seems one decimal point had been misplaced, and when a 15-year-old homophobe with a criminal past shows at their door the perfect home quickly becomes the setting for the perfect storm. Devoid of a single false note, Patrick 1,5 is an satirical and frequently touching film that boldly redefines what a family is.

In swedish with english subtitles

Starring: Gustaf Skarsgard, Torkel Petersson, Thomas Ljungman, Annika Hallin, Amanda Davin

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